Every serious University has an ambition, that it is able to provide students with newest teaching methodology and modern technologies, with best academic staff available at the labor market, comfortable and dynamic environment for study, opportunity for communication with representatives of foreign universities and prosperous individuals of different interest spheres, but also with a broad field for sportive, cultural and intellectual activities. Shorty – provide all necessary instruments which could help yang man to achieve professional growth and success in social life.

After all, we have to ask – what else needs a student to have a best start in education, to learn useful skills and be highly prepared for the future career? The self-evident reality is that Sulkhan-Saba Orbeliani Teaching University has worked in advance to provide all mentioned above characteristics and has given a high priority level to this process. Student`s providing with all necessary skills and intellectual growth of him is its main mission.

Although achievability of this mission is understood from Sulkan-Saba University not via technical approach to the individual, but, rather via achieving of the goal of students personal perfection first, which means not only training of his or her ratio, but of the soul as well. Our priority makes each and every student, who not only has to be educated in accordance of highest standards in this sphere, not only has to gain an appropriate knowledge for continuation of academic and professional progress and again not only has to be able to come forward toward modern life challenges and therefore has to deepen it`s future interest in creativity and freedom of expression, but also he has to be given a sufficient space of intersubjective relations, which will allow him to become a professional and in the same time to serve for his personal self-realization and discovering of the mining of life.

Professionalism, strive to the knowledge, readiness for help, supportiveness, sharing of experience, ability to concurrence in business and intellectual fields are exactly those values, which are to be internalized from the student by us to serve responsibly and freely to the prosperity of the society and so to make possible his own success and self-realization.

Professor, Dr. Vaja Vardidze

Rector of the Sulkhan-Saba OrbelianiTeaching University