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LCT training for academic staff

On 10 October 2019 training “Learner Centered Teaching “was held at Sulkhan-Saba Orbeliani University, organized by Center of Professional Development of Sabauni. In the beginning of the training, Shorena Parunashvili head of International Relations Office and Erasmus+ programs coordinator made a brief presentation about the Training module and STAR  (sustainable learner center teaching – advanced recourses for Georgia and China) project financed by Erasmus+ KA2 program. The training module is based on Manual on LCT which was elaborated within the project, edited by prof. Tsvetelina Harakchiyska (University of Ruse, Bulgaria). The manual is available in Georgian and in English on the university website.

The training was divided into three parts, the first part was presented the theoretical information about the LCT, its needs, the difference between traditional teaching paradigm and modern teaching. During the second part of the training, the participants got detailed information the Student/learner centered teaching methods, as the following: Task based Learning (TBL), Problem Based Learning (PBL), Project Based Learning, Discovery Learning and Learning Contract.


The final part of the training was used for the workshop, where the participant worked in the groups according to the handouts, given by the trainers.

The training was leaded by STAR project trainers, prof. Ekaterine Natsvlishvili and Gvantsa Abdaladze.

There are several trainings planned by Center for Professional Development in this academic year not only on LCT.


The STAR project has been started on 2016 and will end this year. The consortium members are: Masaryk University (Coordinator, Czech Republic), University or Ruse (Bulgaria), University of Coimbra (Portugal), University College Copenhagen (Denmark), 3 Georgian Universities (Sabauni, UG and Zugdidi state University) and 5 Chinese Universities.


Training for Personnel

On 29th September 2019, Training on “Academic Presentation” and “ Citation Techniques and standards” for academic, administrative and invited staff was held at Sulkhan-Saba Orbeliani University, which was organized by Center for Professional Development of Sabauni. Trainer, University Vice-rector, Associate Professor Dimitry Gegenava.

During Training were discussed citation methods, their necessity and academic presentation standards.

At the end of the training , participants were given certificates. Training was organized within University CPD unit training cycle.

CPD unit was created within the Erasmus+ KA2 project “Sustainable learner centered Teaching – Advanced Resources for Georgia and China (STAR)”.  

Staff mobility at the Catholic University of Lyon

On 1-5 July of 2019, Shorena Parunashvili, head of International Relations Office paid a business trip at the Catholic University of Lyon (France) within the Erasmus+ KA107 ICM program. During the visit she had important meetings with French colleagues from different structural unit.

Shorena Parunashvili: “During a week I had intensive meetings with French colleagues, where we exchanged our good experiences and discussed the ways for further cooperation.

Meeting with Mr. Franch Violet, head of IRO of UCLy, was the most important, as we talked about our Institutions’ internationalization policies and our roles in them. Also, we discussed the ways and perspectives for deepen our cooperation in the future. I have to mention, that Sabauni is in the VIP partners list of UCLy, that push our cooperation become more intensive.

Meetings with the representatives of different schools/faculties were very fruitful, as from the new academic year our students from faculties Law, Business and Theology will be able to participate in the exchange program and study at UCLy for free.

Erasmus+ Staff Mobility gave me possibility to get to know my colleagues in personally and exchange /share the best practice in our field. Beside this, after this mobility, cooperation between our Institutions has moved to more active phase and many new joint projects await us ahead”.

The Catholic University of Lyon is strategic partner of Sabauni and there is running Erasmus+ KA107 ICM program since 2018-2019 academic year. Within this project, Sabauni two student, Neli Goginava and Mariam Kutaladze spent Spring semester at UCLy and one more student will be sent for the new academic year. Beside the students, there are planned academic and administrative staff mobility between the Universities.

Sabauni is involved in Erasmus+ KA107 ICM project since 2015-2016 academic year and many students and staff have received benefits from it.

Colleagues from UPJP2 with Erasmus+ at Sabauni

Sulkhan-Saba Orbeliani University hosted delegation of the Pontifical University of John Paul II in Krakow, presented by prof. Josez Stala, Vice rector in Internationalization, Mrs. Iwona Bak, Head of the center of Scientific Research and International Relations and Prof. Elzbeta Osewska.

During one weel (13-22 May 2019) colleagues from UPJP2 had meetings with Sabauni administration: with rector, vice rector, deans of the faculties and representatives of other structural units. During the meetings the development of strong cooperation and challenges were discussed. “Erasmus+ is the good possibility to establish and deepening the cooperation between the universities, also, for sharing new ideas and prospective for further partnership”- Josez Stala mentioned during the meeting.

In framework of the visit, prof. Elzbeta Osewska, delivered public lecture for Sabauni students.


Sabauni has good cooperation with UPJP2 for years not only within Erasmus+, but within joint project. Last year (2018) with cooperation UPJP2 and Sabauni, student conference  about migration was held. In frame of this project Sabauni students spent one week in Krakow and another one week, Polish students visited Sabauni. The thesis of the speeches were published as a in English language.

Erasmus+ KA107 ICM Results

According to the Decision of Erasmus+ elective commission of UVA (University of Valladolid) Sabauni two Students, Ia Kitsbabashvili and Larisa Chkadua, from faculty of Business and Tourism  were selected as Erasmus+ KA107 program grantee and they will spend one semester of 2019-2020 academic year at University of Valladolid (Spain).

Third International Symposia, Catholic Heritage in Georgia”

5-6 June 2019 the third international Symposia, “Catholic Heritage in Georgia” was held at Sulkhan-Saba Orbeliani University, which was dedicated to the 25th anniversary of restoration of Apostolic Administration in Georgia. Among the guests, the honorable guests were invited, Msgr. Jose Avelino Betancourt, the Apostolic Nuncio of Holly See in Georgia and Armenia, and Mrs. Malgorzata Wierzchowska from Polish Institute in Tbilisi and from the Embassy of Poland in Georgia.

The Symposia was opened with welcome speeches from Msgr. Jose Avelino Betancourt, Msgr, Giuseppe Pasotto, Apostolic Administrator of Latin Catholics in South Caucasus and founder of Sulkhan-Saba Orbeliani University and Prof. VajaVardidze, rector of the University.

The first speaker of the Symposia was prof. Gabriele Bragantini, with the speech “25th anniversary of restoration of apostolic administration”. In his speech, Bragantini answered the most asked question regarding the administration, such: what does it mean apostolic administration? Why apostolic administration and not Tbilisi Eparchy? What is difference between apostolic administration and eparchy? and etc… Prof. of Tbilisi State University, Murman Papashvili, presented different approach regarding the voyage of Sulkhan-Saba Orbeliani in France with the title “Why wanted Sulkhan-Saba Orbeliani launch French Missions in Georgia”. About the life of famous polish artist, Zygmunt Waliszewski spoke prof. Henryka Justinska. The first session ended with the speech of Guliko Mchedlidze, professor from Korneli Kekelidze Georgian National Center of Manuscripts who spoke about the unpublished historical documents about the Italian priests in Kutaisi”.

The second session open Sabauni professor, Nugzar Bardavelidze, with the topic “Fratti Minori Capuccini and Georgia”. About the article published in newspaper “Bedi Kartlisa” regarding the problem of Catholic Church in Istanbul spoke Mariam Marjanishvili, employer of Historical Museum of Kutaisi. Historian Davit Merkviladze delivered the paper on Arcangelo Lamberti’s “Sacra Colhis”.

The first day of the symposia ended with the speakers Tamar Charkviani, Sociologist “Discourses towards Georgian Catholics in Georgia” and National Museum researcher, Irakli Feradze, “Catholic Missioners and medicine in the late Middle Ages Georgia”.

The second day of the Symposia open Sabauni professor, Nugzar Papuashvili with the paper “Friedrich Parrot about the catholic Church of Kutaisi in 1829” where spoke the German doctor, alpinist, Friedrich Parrots ‘trip in Georgia and Kutaisi.  The Symposia was attended by Italian speakers, Francesco Trecci, Historian, Author the book “Georgian in Italy”and Alessandto Bicchi who spoke about the relationship between Georgian Orthodox Church and Catholic Church.

Last session of the Symposia, was presented by two speakers: Tinatink Kokochashvili, the  descendant of Georgian Catholic Maecenas , the Zubalashvili brothers spoke about the contribution of the catholic Zubalashvili to the Georgian Nation ‘s History and Current Reality”. Kokochashvili’s speech was based on prof. Zhuzhuna Peikrishvili’s second book about the Zubalashvili. Maia Damenia, doctor at Ilia State University presented the prosopographical Database of Catholic missions in Georgia”

At the end of the Symposia, the excursion was offered in the Catholic Charitable Organizations, “Caritas Georgia”and “Reabilitation Center of St. Camillo”.

The speeches delivered during the Symposia will be published for the next year.

Dean of faculty of Business in KUL

Prof. Tamta Mikaberidze, dean of faculty Business and Tourism took part in Erasmus+ KA107 Administrative staff mobility at the John Paul II Catholic University of Lublin 13-18 May 2019. During her stay in Lublin, she had arranged several meetings with Polish colleagues. During the meeting with prof. Helena Zukowska, the prospective further cooperation was discussed (Erasmus+ KA107 and joint projects). Joint research projects were discussed with the heads of Institute of economic and management and chair person of the Institute of European Research.

Prof. Tamta Mikaberidze met also Mrs. Anna Tarnowska-Waszak, Head of the Open University of KUL, Dr. Dorota Bis, Head of University Centre for Post-graduate Studies and Vocational Development, Mr. Grzegorz Wenarski, the Head of the Department of International Projects and KUL IRO staff.

The aim of the visit was the sharing experience and best practices, deepening the cooperation, especially in the field of Economic and Business, providing and supporting the joint teaching and research projects.  

Sabauni has friendly partnership with KUL since its establishment and there are many joint projects and Erasmus+ Ka107 since 2015-2016 academic year.

Final meeting of STAR project

Erasmus+ KA2 project “Sustainable Learner Centered Teaching, Advanced Resources for Georgia and China” STAR is approaching in its end and the final project meeting was held in 3-7 June of 2019 in Georgia, aiming to summer up the project outcomes and discuss the possibility of further cooperation between the universities.

In the frame of the project there was elaborated the Manual on “Learner Centered Teaching” in English, Georgian and Chinese (responsible for the WP university of Ruse, Bulgaria), established the Continuous Professional Development units in the partner universities and trained the academic and administrative staff (responsible the University of Coimbra, Portugal), created the online platform which will be accessible for the interested people to get more information about the LCT, CPD units and its implementation in the partner universities, also, get acquainted the experience of universities and ask the questions to the field experts. (responsible for the platform University of Georgia). Those above mentioned topics were the main topic of the final dissemination conference, which was held on 4th June.

Last day of the meeting the partners from China and Czech Republic have the possibility to visit Sulkhan-Saba Orbeliani University, where were greeted by University rector, prof. Vaja Vardidze and Vice rector, prof. Dimitry Gegenava. The partners also met the deans of the faculties.

The meeting was hosted by University of Georgia and all the partners were attended: Massaryk University (Czech Republic, coordinator university), University college of Copenhagen (Denmark), University of Coimbra (Portugal), University of Ruse (Bulgaria), Sabauni, Zugdidi State University and five Chinese Universities.

STAR project started in the 2016 and it will end in October of 2019.

Sabauni students in Baku

On 2 June Baku hosted the third conference established as a cultural bridge. The conference on Contemporary American short stories was held with the cooperation of Sulkhan-Saba Orbeliani Teaching University and Language Co-Working Cetre. The organisers were Tamilla Myrzayeva, the director of the centre and Alexandra Japarova from Azeri side and Tamta Kalichava, visiting lecturer at Sulkhan-Saba University and Ilia State University, Shorena Gogiashvili head of the language center and affiliated assistant at Sulkhan-Saba University, Veriko Khutsishvili invited lecturer at Sulkhan-Saba University from Georgian side. Besides the literature, the Azeris made a performance to introduce their writers to the Georgian guests. The cycle of conferences dedicated to contemporary American literature was conducted the third times throughout three consecutive years. It was the first Georgian visit in Baku.

The opening speeches were made by Almaz Melikova, a famous film critic, working for the National Academy of Science; Aynur Qazanfar qizi- a folklorist in the National Academy of Science; Leyli Aliyeva, a famous translator in the National Academy of Science. The significance of the conference was increased as serious plans were set for the cooperation during next year with the inclusion of other countries by establishing cultural bridges and holding conferences in the same format. Detailed information will be announced to students later.

The final dissemination conference of STAR project

4 June of 2019 the Final Dissemination Conference of the Erasmus+ KA2 project “Sustainable Learner Centered Teaching - Advanced Resources for Georgia and China (STAR) was held, where participated all the partner universities involved in the project.

The Welcome Speeches were made by Koka Topuria, rector of University of Georgia, Dr. LIka Glonti head of National Erasmus Office in Georgia, who spoke about the necessity and need of implementation learner centered teaching in Georgian Educational System, the importance of cooperation within Erasmus+ programs and sharing experience from the european colleagues.

After the opening speeches, representatives of european universities spoke about the project, its objectives, implementation and outcomes: Ivana Marova (Masaryk University, Czech Republic), summer up the projects general objectives and realized activities, Tsvetelina Harachkeva (University of Ruse, Bulgaria) spoke about the manual on LCT, she is one of the author , and Teresa Pesoa and Silvia Nolan (University of Coimbra, Portugal) spoke about the face to face training and CPD. LCT implementation and challenges was the topic of the Johnny Baltzersen from University college Copenhagen (Danmark)

The second part of the conference was dedicated to the presentations of partner universities, where they talked about the results, outcomes and main challenges of the project.  Prof. Eka Natsvlishvili, prof. Of Sabauni, spoke about the outcomes of the project for Sabauni, CPD done, ongoing and planned activities and challenges regarding the implementation of the LCT in classes.

The final dissemination conference was held in the framework of STAR project 7th meeting which as held from 3 June till 7 June at University of Georgia. The project “Sustainable learner centered Teaching - Advanced Resources for Georgia and China” begun in 2016 and will end in october of 2019.

Within the project there are the main outcomes: Established Continuous Professional Development Center, Elaborated the Manual on Learner Centered, launched the training module on LCT, trained the academic personnel of the university.