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Sabauni staff, Shorena Parunashvili, head of international Relations office and Natia Shekiladze, Head of Quality Assurance service paid a visit at Masaryk University, where the sixth meeting of STAR project was held. All the participating universities representatives attended the meeting.

The aim of the meeting was presentations of the activities planned within the project, sharing the experience and interesting practice with partners.

Natia Shekiladze “A meeting in Brno was different from the previous meetings, as we have shared our practice and fulfilled result with partners. Georgian and Chinese parts presented how they managed to establish CPD unit according to the experience gained within the project, the structure and future activities of the unit. The main aim of the CPD unit is to promote the project result through implementation of LCT methods in the HEI. The activities carried out by the partner universities in the field of teacher training were impressive. Such kind of trainings help the teachers to use LCT methods more actively in their teaching. In June, we will discuss the results of LCT implementation in study process.”

Shorena Parunashvili, head of IRO “the meeting held in Masaryk University was interesting and important for us, as we discussed the activities we have planed and realized within the project. The aim of the project is to increase awareness of LCT methods in Georgian and Chinese society and support its implementation. The European Universities has already implemented LCT 1-2 decades ago and have good experience in it, while Georgian and Chinese universities have different reality, both of the country are in the initial stage of acquisition and implementation of these methods.

During the meeting, we discussed the online platform, its content and importance of its usage. On the platform there will be uploaded manual of LCT methods, elaborated within the project, methods itself with the examples from each university. There will be also opportunity to ask question to expert and get qualified answer from European partners. Online platform will be available at the end of June.”

According to the agenda, the participant have good possibility to enjoy guided city tour, Brno underground and Mendel’s museum.

STAR project “Sustainable Learner Centered Teaching – Advance Resource for Georgia and China) funded within the Erasmus+ KA2, has started in October of 2016 and will end in October of this year. In frame of the project the manual of LCT methods was elaborated, which is focused on the five following approaches: Problem Based Learning (PBL), Project Based Learning (PBL), Task Based Learning (TBL), Discovery Learning (DL) and Learning Contract (LC).

In the June, the final conference will be held in Tbilisi, where the results of the project and its implementation will be discussed.

Manual in English is available here.


On 20th February a workshop for the academic staff of Faculty of Theology was held at Sabauni. The workshop was organized by the Center for Professional Development of the University. During the workshop the new approaches regarding the accreditation was discussed with Mrs. Natia Shekiladze, the head of Quality Assurance Office. Also, the participants worked in groups on the methodology of educational programs and syllabus writing. Besides this, the several problematic issues was discussed.
CPD unit was established under the Erasmus+ KA2 “Sustainable Learner Centred teaching – advanced Resources for Georgia and China” project. The aim of the center is to support professional development of the academic staff of Sabauni. The University will offer such kind of trainings and workshops to its academic personnel.


16 February a training for academic staff of Sabauni “Learner Centered Teaching” was held in Sabauni, which was elaborated within the Erasmus+ KA2 project “Sustainable Learner-centered Teaching – Advanced Resource for Georgia and China” (STAR).
The training was organized by CPD unit, which was established within the STAR project and its main aim is to support academic staff and care their career development.
The event was divided into two part: First one was training, headed by prof. Ekaterine Natsvlishvili and prof. Gvantsa Abdaladze who were team member of the project and have taken the participation in the project. Second part of the event was dedicated to the workshop – delivered by academic staff who were trained during the training of trainee in the last October organized by the STAR project. During the workshops, the participants discussed new teaching approaches, exchange their best practices and experiences.
Training was based on the manual “Learner Centred Teaching” elaborated within the project and it is available in English and in Georgian. For manual, click here.
At the end of the day the participants were awarded certificates.


December 24 University of Sulkhan-Saba Orbeliani, Humanities and Social Sciences faculty hosted a student scientific conference “Conflict Transformation and Peace Processes”. We have students from another university such as: Ilia State university, Ivane Javakhishvili Tbilisi State University. Students and society had an opportunity to discuss an important political fields as political violence, ethnic conflict and contemporary wars: broad implications, peace-making and peace-building mechanisms. At the end of the conference the winners have awarded with a symbolic gifts.

Planning of the activities of CPD unit

On 20th December of 2018 in the center of professional development a meeting was held with academic personnel who have been participated in the face-to-face training held in October by STAR members. In the meeting the participant exchanged their opinion and planned the activities for the next year. In the middle of January of 2019, the training about the modern teaching methods will be held for academic staff of Sabauni, where the participant receive the general information the modern teaching methods and also, about the manual of Learner-Centered Teaching, which was elaborated within the STAR project. Second day of the training will be workshop for each directions of the study. During the workshops it will be discussed the modern teaching methods that are more or less innovative for Georgian Educational system. The emphasis will be on the five teaching methods that are discussed in the Manual of Learner-Centered Teaching. The training will be delivered by the academic personnel who have been participated in the face-to-face training and professors involved in the STAR project.
The Center for Professional Development was established in the April of the current year in the framework of the STAR project and its main goal is to take care of professional development of academic and administrative personnel of SABAUNI.

Memorandum -  with Technical University of Cologne

On 13 th December the memorandum of understanindg was signed between Sulkhan-Saba Orbeliani University and Technical University of Cologne, that envisages the cooperation within the exchange programs for students, academic and administrative staff and the scientific-research projects in the field of business and economics.

In the frame of event, there was held the presentation of the book "Values of Goergia". Author of the book, Prof. Dr. Hans-Günter Lindner, Professor of the Technical University of Cologne, talked how and why he decided to write this book. 

The event was preceded by prof. Lindner's one week intensive workshop for Sabauni students "Consulting and Information System in the Business". After the workshop students were given the certificates of attendance. 


On 3-7 December 2018 Mrs. Salome Kartsivadze, an assistant of the dean of the Faculty of Law and Mr Lasha Mikadze, the assistant of the dean of the faculty of Business and Tourism, paid an Erasmus+ KA107 Administrative staff mobility visit at the Pontifical University of John Paul II in Krakow (UPJP2), where during a week they had meetings with the several structural units of UPJP2. There got acquainted the administration procedures of study process, met the faculty members, discussed the future cooperation plan with the representative of the IR office of the university. Within the visit, they were shown Library of the University, archives, got acquainted the security system of the Book and got the information about Scientific Electronic Databases.
In the framework of the cultural program, the representatives of Sabauni visited the Museum of John Paul II in Wadowice.
The aim of the Erasmus+ KA107 project is sharing and exchanging the best practice between the universities.
Sabauni and UPJP2 have good partnership and have cooperation within several joint projects.
Sabauni is involved in Erasmus+ KA107 project since 2015-2016 academic year.

International Staff Week at WSPA

On 26 – 30 November of 2018 Shorena Parunashvili, head of International Relations Office at Sabauni took a part in the International Staff Week at the University college of Enterprise and Administration in Lublin (SWPA) within Erasmus+ KA107 program. The Staff Week was attended by the partner universities from Easter Europe and central Asia.
“The main aim of the International Staff Week is to build cooperation among the participant universities and sharing their best practice and experience. During the week, we had a possibility to present our Universities and discuss the possible cooperation with the universities who have the common study programs and fields. Besides this, we all the participants, were from the Partner countries, that decrease the chance to cooperate within Erasmus+ KA1, I think, this week was fruitful, I had meetings with some university representatives and discuss the ways of the future cooperation and I hope, soon, we will offer interesting projects to our students and staff” - noticed Shorena Parunashvili, head of IR office and Erasmus+ projects coordinator.
Within the IW, the participants visited the Historical part of Lublin and Regional Museum of Tsebulash (traditional polish pie with onion). The last day of the week was dedicated to the fair, where the WSPA students have the possibility to get familiar with participant universities advertising materials and also to taste some traditional sweets from different countries.
Sabauni cooperates with WSPA within Erasmus+ program since 2017.

STAR project interim report and presentation of CPD unit

On 20 th November of 2018 presentation of the newly established center for professional development and STAR project’s interim report was held at Sabauni. The Center for professional development was established within the Erasmus+ KA2 funded project “Sustainable Learner centered Teaching –Advanced Resources for Georgia and China (STAR)”. Shorena Parunashvili, project manager delivered an interim report of the project, she talked about the projects main goals, the fulfilled and current activities, future plans. The project focuses on professional development of teachers in the area of innovative pedagogical approaches. The manual of Learner Centered Teaching was created which contains the information about the modern teaching approaches and the best practices on them. Here are the five main teaching method on which is focused the manual: Problem Bases learning (PBL), Task-based learning (TBL), Discovery learning, Project-based learning, Learning contracts. The English version of the manual is available here ( . Georgian version will be available at the end of February. Regarding the CPD center, its main goal is to care professional development of academic and administrative staff of Sabauni. In the beginning of the semester academic staff will be asked to fill the needs questioners and based on them it will be planned the training or workshops by CPD. Also, CPD will take care of dissemination of the project results, modern teaching methods
and the manual. The second part of the meeting, associate professor and STAR member, Gvantsa Abdaladze talked about the manual and the five teaching methods mentioned above. It is second year that STAR project is running and it will finish in the October of 2019.

Sabauni Advocate of Tolerance

Sulkhan-Saba Orbeliani University was awarded the prize of “Advocate of Tolerance 2018” at the event dedicated to the international Tolerance day held in Tbilisi Marriott, organized by the Tolerance Center and Public Defender of Georgia on 16 November 2018. Each year, the Councils of National Minorities and Religions of the Public Defender of Georgia select a media outlet, organization, person and public servant, which contributed to the

protection of the rights of ethnic and religious minorities and promoted the tolerance culture in
the country throughout the year.
Sabauni was awarded in the nomination of organization by the Council of Religions.
2018 year the prizes were given to the following:
 Sulkhan-Saba Orbeliani University, Rector Prof. Dr. Vaja Vardidze
 Jos Douma, Ambassador of the Netherlands to Georgia
 Mother Sidonia (orthodox nun)
 Natia Kapanadze, editor in chief of Public Broadcaster TV and Radio of Adjara region
 Sophio Sitchinava, head of the CEC coordination, Planning and Reporting Department
 Center for Ethnicity and Multiculturalism
 Vitali Safarov, (a young human right defender who was killed on xenophobic grounds).
The awards was handed over to Vitali’s mother
 Batumelebi magazine
 Marneuli Community Radio
 Pankisi Community Radio WAY

In addition, the council of National Minorities handed a special award of tolerance to Gary Augst, Head of the Association of Georgian Germans- Einung, and Regina Iakobidze, chairperson of the Latvian Community. The event was organized by the Tolerance Center of the Public Defender of Georgia and the Promoting Integration, Tolerance and Awareness Project (PITA) of the Unitied Nations Association of Georgia (UNAG) funded by the United States International Agency (USAID) The event was attended by representatives of state agencies, diplomatic missions. International Tolerance day is celebrated each year by Public Defenders and Tolerance Center since 2006.


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