20 March
Third STAR meeting in Coimbra

On 12-16 March of 2018 the third STსAR (Sustainable learner-centered Teaching - Advanced Resources for Georgia and China) project meeting was hosted by University of Coimbra (Portugal). From Sabauni in this meeting prof. Ekaterine Natsvlishvili and Asoc. Prof. Gvantsa Abdaladze have been participating.
During the meeting there was presented the draft of learner centered teaching manual by the team of the University of Ruse, which is responsible for this working package. The participants discussed also the experience about CPD units and participants from partner countries were advised how CPD must work. The main attention was paid on the teaching methods.
The aim of the project is to elaborate learner-centered teaching approaches considering the partner’s best practice and Georgian and Chinese educational system and after elaboration its implementation in Georgian and Chinese Universities.
The project started on15th of October and ends in October of 2019