20 November
STAR project interim report and presentation of CPD unit

On 20 th November of 2018 presentation of the newly established center for professional development and STAR project’s interim report was held at Sabauni. The Center for professional development was established within the Erasmus+ KA2 funded project “Sustainable Learner centered Teaching –Advanced Resources for Georgia and China (STAR)”. Shorena Parunashvili, project manager delivered an interim report of the project, she talked about the projects main goals, the fulfilled and current activities, future plans. The project focuses on professional development of teachers in the area of innovative pedagogical approaches. The manual of Learner Centered Teaching was created which contains the information about the modern teaching approaches and the best practices on them. Here are the five main teaching method on which is focused the manual: Problem Bases learning (PBL), Task-based learning (TBL), Discovery learning, Project-based learning, Learning contracts. The English version of the manual is available here (https://munispace.muni.cz/library/catalog/book/1014) . Georgian version will be available at the end of February. Regarding the CPD center, its main goal is to care professional development of academic and administrative staff of Sabauni. In the beginning of the semester academic staff will be asked to fill the needs questioners and based on them it will be planned the training or workshops by CPD. Also, CPD will take care of dissemination of the project results, modern teaching methods
and the manual. The second part of the meeting, associate professor and STAR member, Gvantsa Abdaladze talked about the manual and the five teaching methods mentioned above. It is second year that STAR project is running and it will finish in the October of 2019.