01 March
STAR project meeting in Masaryk University

Sabauni staff, Shorena Parunashvili, head of international Relations office and Natia Shekiladze, Head of Quality Assurance service paid a visit at Masaryk University, where the sixth meeting of STAR project was held. All the participating universities representatives attended the meeting.

The aim of the meeting was presentations of the activities planned within the project, sharing the experience and interesting practice with partners.

Natia Shekiladze “A meeting in Brno was different from the previous meetings, as we have shared our practice and fulfilled result with partners. Georgian and Chinese parts presented how they managed to establish CPD unit according to the experience gained within the project, the structure and future activities of the unit. The main aim of the CPD unit is to promote the project result through implementation of LCT methods in the HEI. The activities carried out by the partner universities in the field of teacher training were impressive. Such kind of trainings help the teachers to use LCT methods more actively in their teaching. In June, we will discuss the results of LCT implementation in study process.”

Shorena Parunashvili, head of IRO “the meeting held in Masaryk University was interesting and important for us, as we discussed the activities we have planed and realized within the project. The aim of the project is to increase awareness of LCT methods in Georgian and Chinese society and support its implementation. The European Universities has already implemented LCT 1-2 decades ago and have good experience in it, while Georgian and Chinese universities have different reality, both of the country are in the initial stage of acquisition and implementation of these methods.

During the meeting, we discussed the online platform, its content and importance of its usage. On the platform there will be uploaded manual of LCT methods, elaborated within the project, methods itself with the examples from each university. There will be also opportunity to ask question to expert and get qualified answer from European partners. Online platform will be available at the end of June.”

According to the agenda, the participant have good possibility to enjoy guided city tour, Brno underground and Mendel’s museum.

STAR project “Sustainable Learner Centered Teaching – Advance Resource for Georgia and China) funded within the Erasmus+ KA2, has started in October of 2016 and will end in October of this year. In frame of the project the manual of LCT methods was elaborated, which is focused on the five following approaches: Problem Based Learning (PBL), Project Based Learning (PBL), Task Based Learning (TBL), Discovery Learning (DL) and Learning Contract (LC).

In the June, the final conference will be held in Tbilisi, where the results of the project and its implementation will be discussed.

Manual in English is available here.