15 April
LCT training for academic staff of SJUNI

10 April of 2019, “Learner Centered Teaching” training for academic staff was held at Samtskhe-Javakheti State University (Akhaltsikhe) organized by CPD center of Sulkhan-Saba Orbeliani Universtiy. The training was leaded Sabauni professors and trainers Ekaterine Natsvlishvili and Gvantsa Abdaladze. The training was emphasized on the following teaching methods: Task based learning (TBL), Problem based learning (PBL), Project based learning (PBL), Discovery learning and Learning contract. The trainees got information about the competences in HE, modern teaching methods and its importance for nowadays teaching.

The training module “Learner Center Teaching” was elaborated within the Erasmus+ KA2 project “Sustainable Learner Centered Teaching, Advanced Recourses for Georgia and China” (STAR), which is running project since 2016. Based on the best experience and interesting practice of European Universities (involved in the project), there was created Manual on LCT, which is available in English and Georgian languages (also in Chinese for China). The manual includes the information about the LCT methods, examples and best practices regarding the implementation of LCT approaches.

Beside this, Center for Professional Development was established in the framework of the project STAR, which aims to care the professional development of the university academic staff.

At the end of the training, certificates were given to the participants.

CPD center will offer the trainings for academic and administrative staff regularly in the future.

STAR project is ongoing project from 2016, during the elaboration the manual and training module, the best practice of the following partner universities was considered: Masaryk University (Czech Republic, project coordinator), University of Ruse (Bulgaria), University of Coimbra (Portugal) and University college of Copenhagen (Denmark).