Sabauni news

Meeting with Archil Gamzardia

On 28th October, 2016 on the initiative of Business Club, Archil Gamzardia, specialist of political communications, public relations and management, conducted the meeting in SabaUni. He spoke about principles of modern management based on his experience and gave practical advice to students.
The meeting was held in interactive format with students’ active involvement.

Masterclass by Davit Kenchadze – How to achieve success in career

On 28th October, 2016 public lecture/training “how to achieve success in career” was held in SabaUni organized by the Business and Tourism Clubs. The training was conducted by coach and director-general of the consulting group, Davit Kenchadze. He emphasized the basic skills essential for successful career. Students from SabaUni and other universities attended the masterclass.

Conflict zones in Georgia and their international analogues

On 27 Octomber, 2017. Another interesting meeting was held in SabaUni on the initiative of the Faculty of Law and Lawyers Club. Prof. Giorgi Goradze conducted the lecture “Conflict zones in Georgia and their international analogues”. The lecture was followed by question-answer session.
That was the third joint project of the deanery and the Lawyers club in this semester. The lecture series on a number of interesting topics will be held in SabaUni in the future as well.

Study visit in Supreme Court of Georgia

On 18th October, 2016 students visited Supreme Court on the initiative of the Student Affairs Center. Students viewed the court building, Museum of Justice and courtrooms.

Book Presentation by Philippe Sands -The World without Justice

On 7th October, 2016 presentation of the book by Philippe Sands “The World without Justice” was made in SabaUni. The meeting was conducted by PhD of Law, Nazi Chinchaladze, who translated the book into Georgian. She reviewed the subject matter of the book and referred to the author’s attitude to modern political situation. The problematic issues of international law arose great interest in students that was proved by the numerous questions from the audience.

SabaUni Hosts French Delegation from the University of Lyon

On 6th October, 2016 delegation from the University of Lyon visited SabaUni. French delegation met SabaUni Administration. The parties discussed the ways of future collaboration between the universities. Discussion was followed by the meeting with students where head of the International Relations’ Department of the University of Lyon answered students’ questions. On 7th October, French guests conducted a meeting with the French community living in Georgia. The vice-rector of the University spoke about the topic – French Secularism, Unknown Beauty. Anyone who knew, was interested and liked French language was able to attend the meeting.

Project: “Me, Young Voter”

On September 29, 2016 the training about electoral issues was held in SabaUni. In was organized by the Center for Democracy Intensification in the framework of the project “Me, Young Voter”. The aim of the project is to promote involvement of citizens in social-political processes and increase their trust towards elections. The training referred to the following subject matters:
Elections and democracy (history of elections and modern times, voter and electoral administration, parties of the elections, electoral systems);
Civil society and its role in democratic transformation;
Election Day (imitated elections, where the participants played the role of the members of District Electoral Commission).


Presentation of the Center of Tourism Research and Innovations - ORBIS

On 7th September, 2016 Presentation of the Center of Tourism Research and Innovations - ORBIS was held in SabaUni. Italian founder of the University, Juzepe Pasoto, Rector, Prof. Vazha Vardidze, and Maia Jijava, head of the center and dean of the faculty of Tourism made a speech during the event. Antonio Enrico Bartoli, the Ambassador of Italy to Georgia attended the event. Maia Jijava spoke about the importance of research in Tourism. Special guest from Germany, Herald Heklaner (president of an International Association of Tourism Experts and Researchers, director of EURAC, president of German Society of Tourism Research, Professor of Eichstatt University) spoke about international collaboration and global dimensions of tourism. Director of partner organization “Minerva” spoke about innovative approach to education and new perspectives of telematics technologies. Giovanni Jakomantonio, head of UNINETTUNO technological center of International Telematics Institute in Georgia, made a speech before the audience.
Prof. Marinela Roka Longo (professor of Rome State University – ROMA TRE, Rector’s delegate, dean of the Faculty, delegate of the Ministry of Education of Italy in the sphere of Humanities and Tourism Studies) spoke about intercultural communication and new borders for tourism via skype.
Representatives of the embassies of France, Spain, Hungary, also director of USAID Mission, representatives of EBRD, various non-governmental organizations and tourism agencies, and students attended the event.
The aim of ORBIS is to enable students and interested individuals to obtain and deepen knowledge in tourism with trainings and methods of simulation. What is most important, SabaUni students of Tourism program will get a chance to develop professional skills in practice.
Georgian-Italian non-governmental organization “Minerva”, one of the leaders in implementing eLearning methods, is a partner of the Center.

27 July
SabaUni Camp
SabaUni Camp

Together with the high quality education, SabaUni cares about entertainment and relaxation of students. This summer Student Affairs Center planned summer camp (SabaUni camp) for students after tiring exams. The camp aims at students’ relaxation and increasing awareness about protected areas in Georgia. For that purpose, the camp was organized in Borjom-Kharagauli National Park. Students were encamped near Nikoloz Romanov tourist path. Representatives of the National Park Administration met students on the first day. Students were introduced to the history of the park. During this summer camp they gained hiking and camping skills. Each day was diverse for the cam participants: hiking tour to “Lomis Mta” (mountain of lion), cleaning action in the park and various sports competitions were held within camping.
University Rector and members of SabaUni administration also visited the campers and spent one exciting day with them.
SabaUni camp will become a tradition in University.

Meeting with Counsellor of the Director of National Bank

On 23rd June, 2016 Giorgi Bakradze, counsellor of the director of National Bank, master of the intellectual game “What, Where, When” and economist, conducted public lecture in SabaUni. He spoke about current economic situation in Georgia. According to Mr Bakradze, the precondition for sustainable economics is an effectively planned business. He also spoke about the perspectives of Georgia’s future development. The major part of the meeting was conducted in question-answer format.