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Visit to the University of Valladolid

On 16-20th of April, head of Sabauni’s International Relations Office, Shorena Parunashvili paid a visit to the University of Valladolid, Spain, where participated in the International Staff Week, organized by University of Valladolid within the Erasmus+ KA107 project. In the Staff Week there were participating around 50 representatives of 33 universities from all over the world (Latin America, Eastern Europe, Central Asia and Africa). During the week the participants had an opportunity to exchange their experience, discuss the current E+ project and the perspective of future cooperation.
The participants were available to get to know closer the work style of the International Relations Department of UVa, their projects, structure and future plans.
The first day of the International Staff Week Mar Fernandez, the Director of International Relations greeted to the participants and made a presentation of the University of Valladolid. The second part of the day the panel session was hold, where the participants were able to exchange experience and information about their universities.
17th of April was dedicated to the workshops on Internationalization and E+ KA107 project, where ICM team of UVa talked about the current project, its procedures and realization steps. The second part of the day there were meetings with Faculty members. The representative of Sabauni, Shorena Parunashvili has met the representatives of Faculty of Business and discussed the International Semester of Commerce, where Sabauni’s two students will be sent for study in spring semester of 2018-2019 academic year, within this E+ program.
Next day of the Staff Week the participants were able to talk about the possibility for future cooperation. That day, the participants were welcomed by Oscar Puente, the city Mayor of Valladolid. The rest of day, the visit in National Sculpture Museum was planned.
According to the agenda, on 19th of April, the Vice-Rector of Segovia Campus welcomed the participants and guided tour to Segovia city was offered to them.
Last day of the IW, the final meeting was hold and the Diplomas of attendance were awarded to participants. The Day was ended by farewell cocktail with traditional music.
The University of Valladolid is a one of the old University in Spain, founded in XIII century, nowadays it has 4 campuses in different cities (Valladolid, Palencia, Segovia and Soria) and 25 217 students. Sabauni has started cooperation with UVa from 2018-2019 academic year within Erasmus+ KA107 project that implies the student and staff mobility.

23 April
CPD center
CPD center

Within the STAR project of ERASMUS+ KA2 program the Center for Continuing Professional Development was established at Sabauni, which aim to disseminate the learner-centered teaching approaches through the administrative and academic staff of sabauni and other persons as well.

The office of the center is equipped with modern technic which is co-funded by the project.

The presentation of the center will be held at the end of the March.  

Third STAR meeting in Coimbra

On 12-16 March of 2018 the third STსAR (Sustainable learner-centered Teaching - Advanced Resources for Georgia and China) project meeting was hosted by University of Coimbra (Portugal). From Sabauni in this meeting prof. Ekaterine Natsvlishvili and Asoc. Prof. Gvantsa Abdaladze have been participating.
During the meeting there was presented the draft of learner centered teaching manual by the team of the University of Ruse, which is responsible for this working package. The participants discussed also the experience about CPD units and participants from partner countries were advised how CPD must work. The main attention was paid on the teaching methods.
The aim of the project is to elaborate learner-centered teaching approaches considering the partner’s best practice and Georgian and Chinese educational system and after elaboration its implementation in Georgian and Chinese Universities.
The project started on15th of October and ends in October of 2019


On 12th - 16th of March of 2018 Giorgi Mikanadze, Dean of faculty of Business and Tourism of Sabauni has participated in ERASMUS+ KA107 ICM project at University College of Enterprise and Administration of Lublin, Poland, where took a part in International Staff Week, organized by host University. Except of Sabauni there were the representatives of the Universities from China, Taiwan, Bolivia, Turkey, Spain, Argentina, Serbia and Moldova.


უნივერსიტეტის რექტორის 2018 წლის 05 თებერვლის №11-18 ბრძანებით აკადემიური თანამდებობის დასაკავებლად გამოცხადებული ღია კონკურსის ჩატარების მიზნით შექმნილი დროებითი საკონკურსო კომისიის (ბრძ. №25-18; 09.03.2018; ოქმი №01-18; 12.03.2018), გადაწყვეტილების საფუძველზე:

1. მარინე თავართქილაძე– არჩეულ იქნას ბიზნესის და ტურიზმის ფაკულტეტის, ასოცირებული პროფესორის აკადემიურ თანამდებობაზე საერთაშორისო ბიზნესის და საერთაშორისო ტურიზმის მიმართულებით;
2. ირმა ტალახაძე – არჩეულ იქნას ჰუმანიტარულ და სოციალურ მეცნიერებათა ფაკულტეტის, ასოცირებული პროფესორის აკადემიურ თანამდებობაზე ისტორიის, ეკლესიის ისტორიის მიმართულებით;
3. ივანე ჯანდიერი – არჩეულ იქნას ჰუმანიტარულ და სოციალურ მეცნიერებათა ფაკულტეტის, ასოცირებული პროფესორის აკადემიურ თანამდებობაზე საოფისე კომპიუტერული პროგრამების მიმართულებით;
4. ლალი გიგაური – არჩეულ იქნას ბიზნესის და ტურიზმის ფაკულტეტის, ასისტენტის აკადემიურ თანამდებობაზე ბიზნესის და ტურიზმის მიმართულებით;

Representatives of Klaipeda University at Sabauni

On 21st February of 2018 Giorgi Mikanadze, dean of faculty of Business and Tourism and Shorena Parunashvili, head of International Relations had a meeting with representatives of Klaipeda State University of Applied Sciences (Lithuania).

Rector at the International Conference in Rome

The rector of Sabauni, prof. Dr. Vaja Vardidze participated in the conference “the Whole is Greater Than its Parts: Christian Unity and Interreligious Encounter Today”, organized by the University of Notre Dame (USA), that was hold on 8-10 January 2018, in Rome (Italy). In the conference there were featured diverse presentations by Church leaders, theologian and scholars of global religion on topics including Muslim-Christian relations, the Cathocli-Orthodox-Protestant dialogue, the relationship between dialogue and evangelism and other contemporary questions of religion and culture.
Among the conference speaker there were: Cardinal John Onaiyekan, Archbishop of Abuja, Nigeia, Gavin D’Costa, professor of Catholic theology at the University of Bristol; Francis Clooney, professor of comparative theology and directo of the Center for the Study of World Religions at Harvard University and John Cavadini, directo of the Institute of Church life at the University of Notre Dame.
Prof. Dr. Vaja Vardidze’s speech was about “Christian Faith and Multiplicity of Religions: After the Question of Exclusivity, Inclusivism and Pluralism”.

Presentation of the book: 150 of Kalistrate Tsintsadze

Presentation of the book was presented about Calistrite Tsintsadze 150 in Sabauni. The presentation was held by Nugzar Papuashvili, professor of the faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences. 

Law School - Municipal Law - Meeting II

On November 7, 2017, a public lecture was held on the topic: Municipalities of the municipality and problematic issues of implementation.

Law School - Municipal Law - Meeting I

On November 7, 2017, a public lecture was held on the topic: Municipal Authority and its staffing procedure organized. 


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