Bachelor Degree

Requirements for admission to bachelor’s academic programs:

To get a student’s status after Unified National Examinations, applicant must pass initial registration, which is divided into two steps and implies the academic and administrative registrations:

Documents for administrative registration:

  • Application form
  • Receipt confirming the payment of tuition fees.
  • Document confirming secondary education. (original and copy)
  • Applicants ID (original and copy)
  • 2 Photos 3x4 print version also on the CD
  • Document confirming that person is subject to military service.(original and copy)
  • Other requirement documents (if necessary)

Academic registration implies the students’ registration on the academic programs.

After the initial registration applicant is assigned the students’ status

Tuition fees:

Bachelor’s program in Theology – 1900 GEL
Bachelor's program in Intercultural Comunication and Translations Studies - 1900 GEL
Bachelor’s program in Law – 2200 GEL
Bachelor's program in Business Administration - 2200 GEL
Bachelor's program in Turism - 2200 GEL