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27 October
Exchange program in France

New call for participation in the exchange program at the Lyon Catholic University (France) for spring semester of 2019-2020 academic year is open. The students from faculties Law and Business are allowed to participate in the program (exclusion: the first year and last semester students are not allowed). The student exchange program means the student’s mobility for one semester at the partner university with the recognition of ECTS gained during the mobility. The exchange students are exempt from tuition fees as at the host university, at the home university as well.

The students should cover:

  • Travel costs
  • Visa and Insurance
  • Accommodation and living cost abroad

The courses offered by the UCLy



Required documents for registration:

  • A curriculum vitae
  • Copy of Passport / ID
  • A passport sized photograph (only for business)
  • Letter of application indicating your reasons for applying to the program
  • The University transcipts
  • Proof of your English or French
  • Recommendation letter (printed on letter headed paper, signed and dated)

For registration please send the required documentation to the email: ir@sabauni.edu.ge no later than 27 October of 2019

The students of faculty of business should take first registration at Sabauni and second one to the host university web page

Important Dates:

27 October – deadline for registration

28 October – test in English and Interview with Evaluation committee

29 October –the results

Selective Criterias

  • English language knowledge – 40 (100%)
  • Academic grades – 30 (100%)
  • Motivation – 30 (100%)

In case of questions or more information, please contact us:

International Relations Office – Shorena Parunashvili, ir@sabauni.edu.ge

Faculty of Business and Tourism – Lasha Mikadze l.mikadze@sabauni.edu.ge