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02 May
Public Lectures by Spanish Professor

Giuseppe Gil Ribas, emeritus professor at Catalonia University, Spain is visiting SabaUni on May 24-28. During his visit he will conduct public lectures in SabaUni, Ilia State University and Tbilisi State University.
Monday, May 24, 15:00 – “God of our Belief” (Il Dio della nostra fede), SabaUni, room 405;
Tuesday, May 25, 17:00 – “Beoynd Death” (Al di la de la morte), SabaUni, room 405;
Wednesday, May 26, 17:00 – “Christian Belief” (La fede Cristiana), Ilia State University, Building G, room 106, address: 3, G.Tsereteli st.
Friday, May 28, 16:00 – “Christian Church” (La Chiesa Cristiana), Tbilisi State University, building 1, room 317.
Presentation will be held in Italian, with Georgian interpretation.
Attendance is free.
Short information about the presenter:
Giuseppe Gil Ribas was born in Reus, Spain in 1928, studied in Tarragona Seminary. In 1947-1951 he studied in Pontifical Gregorian University, Rome and at this time he was also ordained to the priesthood. In 1951, after obtaining degree in Theology, he returned to Eparchy of Catlar, serving there until 2003. In 1982 he got PhD degree. In 1960s he worked as a theology teacher in the seminary of the Eparchy, since 1972 – as a visiting professor at Catalonia University on the Faculty of Theology, giving lectures in Eschatology. He also worked in the institutes of Theology in Barcelona and Tarragona. He was a visiting lecturer in Toulouse, France. He participated in various academic activities in Toulouse, Lyon and Tubingen.
He conducted lectures in Eschatology, Christology, Ecclesiology, Sacramentology and Theological Anthropology. He is a member of Royal Academy of Doctors of Catalonia. He published various publications in well-known magazines and books: Signes de pertinença a l’Església (first edition); Death has no age (Els nostres morts no envelleixen); God, Man, World (Dios, Hombre, Mundo); Life of Virgin Mary (La vida de María); Adventure of Theological Thinking (L’aventura del pensament teològic); Eschatology; Mariology (notes) (Mariologia (apunts)); Jesus, Son of God and Brother of Man (Jesús, Fill de Déu i germà dels homes), etc.