Upcoming events

Discussion on the topic “Transformation of Terrorist Threats in Europe and Near East” will be held in room 202 on the initiative of the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences.

Invited speaker Nino Jinjolava, director of recruiting company “HR Partners”, will speak about trends of labor market, requirements of employers, perfect CV writing, using of social media in job search process, preparation for job interview and other interesting issues that is necessary precondition for finding a dream job.

Interactive seminar by Professor Dimitri Gegenava “Student and Career” is held in SabaUni library on November 17 at 13:00. The event is organized by SabaUni Student Affairs Center and deanery of the Faculty of Law, in relation to the International Students Day.

20 October
SabaUni Cinema

Student Affairs Center offers the project “SabaUni_Cinema”.

16 October
Tour to Kazbegi

One-day tour to Kazbegi is planned for October 16, Sunday by Student Affairs Center.

Mark Olivier, professor and dean of the Faculty of Law in University of Lyon, France is meeting French community, living in Georgia on October 7, at 17:00 in SabaUni. He will speak about “French Secularism, Unknown Beauty”.

On the initiative of Business Club, public figure Giorgi Bakradze will conduct a meeting in SabaUni.

Presentation of the student project “Racha – My Love” will be held in SabaUni on June 17, 2016.
The project is carried out in the frame of student contest “My Successful Project”.

On June 16 at 13:00 Paata Ghadzadze, successful businessman, first deputy director-general of TBC Bank and member of the governing council, will visit SabaUni and conduct a public lecture. He has been directing Georgian Pension and Insurance Holding (GPIH) and has been an assistant of the minister of State Property Management.

Public lecture on “Child Sexual Abuse and Sexual Assault on Vulnerable Persons” will be held in SabaUni on May 25 at 16:00. The following aspects will be discussed: interdisciplinary approach to the problem, historical digression, consequences of sexual abuse, importance of social opinion in research of such phenomenon.

“Presentation of Job Fair” organized by HR Recruitment Agency is being held on Friday, May 13 in room 405. Presenters will inform students about necessary documents to be submitted on Job Fair and answer students’ questions.

The Faculty of Business in SabaUni (Georgia) with support of Scientific-Research Institute of Innovations and Economy (Ukraine) is organizing International online-conference: “Formation of Modern Economic Area: Advantages, Risks, Mechanisms of Realization” on April 29, 2016.

Public lecture/discussion “National Anti-Corruption Politics and Public Service Reform in Georgia” will be held on March 31 at 14:00-16:00 in Pierre Du Moulin reading hall. The lecture is organized by the Ministry of Justice and the Training Center of Justice of Georgia.

Training on the topic “How to Write a Successful Project” will be held on March 18 at 17:00 in SabaUni, room 313.

Public Lecture “Protection-related Problems of refugees and asylum seekers” will be held on January 22 at 14:00 in SabaUni, conducted by Ketevan Kamashidze, representative of UN mission in Georgia. The following issues will be discussed: the problem of asylum seekers abroad and the role of UN in finding a solution to this problem.

Famous trainer Davit Kenchadze will conduct a masterclass “How to Increase Efficiency of Personnel” on December 22 at 10:00 in SabaUni. Davit Kenchadze is a business consultant, coach, trainer and director-general of consulting group. The aim of his company is to help people and companies to achieve their goals. During his career, he has consulted over 100 companies and 150 000 individuals.

Interactve seminar about elections will be held in SabaUni on December 8, where students will be able to ask questions and get answers from specialists.
Certificates will be given at the end of the seminar.

Public Lecture on “Gender Equality and Related Issues” will be held on December 1 at 12:00 in SabaUni conducted by Irine Zhvania, expert in gender studies.

Feature film “Forgotten King”, 105 min.
Section: Georgian Panorama
Country: Georgia
Year: 2012
Room 405

Another interesting meeting by Politics Club will be held on Tuesday, May 19 at 18:00 in room 405.
Bondo Kupatadze, professor at Tbilisi State University, will conduct the public lecture “Stalinism - Lesson of the Past”.